Turn a Tank Sprayer & Leaf Blower into a Mist Blower

Professional Coverage at a Fraction of the Cost

Patented Universal Nozzle clamps onto the end of ANY LEAF BLOWER tube

M.S. Systems match 100s of tank sprayers

Created by a Law Enforcement SWAT Sniper

Gen 2 is HERE!

Gen 2 M.S. Systems have a new nozzle design that allows for interchangeable mist nozzles giving instant mist.  Gen 2 also has a new, high quality push connector turn valve that allows for interchangeable M.S. System #s, making tank sprayer swaps easier than ever!

The Mosquito Sniper System is a DELIVERY SYSTEM THAT CAN MIST SPRAY ANY SOLUTION FROM YOUR GARDEN TANK SPRAYER IN JUST MINUTES, i.e. Pesticides: Insecticides, Herbicides, Fungicides or Disinfectants, Mildew/Mold Removers, Fertilizers, Liquid Deicers, Outdoor Cleaners and more.

  • DIY Pro Mosquito/Insect Applications FOR AS LOW AS $3/APPLICATION

  • Replicate A Pro Backpack Mist Blower AT A FRACTION OF THE COST

  • “TARGET MOSQUITOES” Where They Hide Deep Inside Plants & Under Leaves

  • Send Mist Vertically 15-25 Feet With Tank Sprayer Pressure & Leaf Blower Power


Keep your money in your pocket and SAVE $1,000/year. Instead of paying $60 every 3 weeks for mosquito control & $60 every 4 weeks for exterior home insect control, DIY it with Mosquito Sniper System.

How does the Mosquito Sniper System work?

M.S. System’s patented, one-of-a-kind, universal nozzle clamps onto the end of ANY leaf blower tube.  The nozzle is made of stiff & durable yet flexible plastic that conforms to any blower tube shape and is adjustable to 3 levels ensuring liquid will always be dispensed from the center of the blower tube.

  • M.S. System nozzle design allows for interchangeable mist tips

  • Manually adjust amount of liquid being dispensed with an in-line turn valve in M.S. System hosing

  • Spray deep inside plants where traditional sprayers cannot reach

  • Spray into high and low hard to reach areas such as roof eaves or low lying decks

  • Sleek nozzle design maximizes air flow from leaf blower which avoids potential engine damage from over-speed seizures

  • Save time and money covering large areas quickly while using less insecticide compared to traditional tank sprayers

Lawn Care Nut
Lawn Care Nut says at video time 23:50, ”Okay so for sure if you ask me, does that Mosquito Sniper work? Yeah it works great. Is it worth $34 – $39 plus the cost of a cheap pump sprayer, yeah it is…. Definitely a good buy and I highly recommend it.”

Yard Mastery by Lawn Care Nut…If you’re a DIY homeowner and you’re looking to get a beautiful looking lawn at an affordable price, check out YardMastery.com where you’ll find everything you need including liquid fertilizers and much more along with excellent videos that show you how to have the best looking yard in your neighborhood!

Tools In Action
Tools in Action says at video time 1:55, “To me its the coolest thing”

Read their Article: https://toolsinaction.com/mosquito-sniper-system-review/

Comparison of Solo 451 vs M.S. System
A detailed comparison video between a professional backpack mist blower and our DIY system that uses your tank sprayer and leaf blower.

At video time 20:15 he gives his overall summary

Bush League Lawns
Bush League Lawns says at video time 7:55, “I really like this thing.”

A’s Lawn and Landscaping
A’s Lawn and Landscaping says at video time 4:05, “For a DIY or homeowner use, I could definitely see it for an application typically used in this area and it works just fine”, “Absolutely and I think its going to be great for me just using every once in awhile to spray a lawn for mosquitoes.”