Mosquito Sniper System will soon be MIST-PRO!

Same Great Product, More All Encompassing Name For Its Many Uses

As we transition, our packaging may either have Mosquito Sniper System or MIST-PRO branding, but rest assured the product inside is the same.

Replicate A Pro Mist Blower Using Tools Already Owned

Save hundreds with the award winning Mosquito Sniper System that turns any leaf blower & tank sprayer into a mist blower/fogger with ability to change mist patterns along with amount of solution dispensed. It can spray vertically up to 40′, into hard-to-reach areas and has many uses such as eliminating mosquitoes like a pro!

4.9 Average | 250+ Reviews

Mist Spray Liquids Like a Pro

Pesticides (Standard & All-Natural Insecticides, Fungicides & Herbicides), Vegetation Controllers, Fertilizers, Mild Cleaners, Disinfectants, De-Icers, Fire Retardants & More

It’s a Game-Changer

Mist blowers are the most effective method for mosquito control & preferred method of the pros.

  • The forceful blower power moves foliage and allows solution to reach underside of leaves where bugs hide/rest.
  • They spray large areas quickly with minimal solution, saving time & money.

  • Pairs a powerful leaf blower (designed to move leaves) with a tank sprayer (designed to dispense solutions), and the results are game-changing!

Spray like a pro & achieve bug-free success for less!

Learn how easy it is to spray like a pro on our Tips & FAQ page!


Connect To Tank Sprayer Trigger

Clamp To End Of Leaf Blower Tube

Strap Reduces Hose Slack

Professional Coverage For Less

Mist blowers are the most effective method for mosquito control and the preferred method of the pros. DIY your pest control with MIST-PRO by spraying your yard’s foliage and home’s soffits/foundations to save hundreds over hiring mosquito/home pest control services.

Simple & Efficent

MIST-PRO easily connects to any leaf blower without tools or modifications. Save time and money by spraying large areas quickly with minimal solution.


Take control of your application! Use your choice of solution, choose the ideal mist pattern and adjust the flow for quality coverage. Apply as often as needed and spray up to 30ft/9m and into hard-to-reach areas.

2023 “THE RISING STAR” award from Kevin O’Connor, host of This Old House & Kathryn Emery, KathrynEmeryTV


Instead of paying $60 every 3 weeks for mosquito control & $60 every 4 weeks for exterior home insect control, DIY it with Mosquito Sniper System.

YouTube Videos

Silver Cymbal

Silver Cymbal agrees the key to quality mosquito control is moving those leaves when applying insecticide, and Mosquito Sniper System delivers an affordable DIY option to do just that!

The Average Lawn Guy
@theALG says, “A very good alternative to a professional mister is using DIY system called the Mosquito Sniper System.”

Lawn Care Nut
Lawn Care Nut says at video time 23:50, ”Okay so for sure if you ask me, does that Mosquito Sniper work? Yeah it works great. Is it worth $34 – $39 plus the cost of a cheap pump sprayer, yeah it is…. Definitely a good buy and I highly recommend it.”

Comparison of Solo 451 vs M.S. System
A detailed comparison video between a professional backpack mist blower and our DIY system that uses your tank sprayer and leaf blower.

At video time 20:15 he gives his overall summary

Bush League Lawns
Bush League Lawns says at video time 7:55, “I really like this thing.”

A’s Lawn and Landscaping
A’s Lawn and Landscaping says at video time 4:05, “For a DIY or homeowner use, I could definitely see it for an application typically used in this area and it works just fine”, “Absolutely and I think its going to be great for me just using every once in awhile to spray a lawn for mosquitoes.”

  • Uses Tools Already Owned, Any Leaf Blower & Tank Sprayer

  • Spray Vertically Up To 30′ & Into Hard To Reach Places

  • Spray As Often & As Thorough As Desired; Preparing For Social Gatherings, Avoiding Rainy Weather, Ensuring Quality Coverage

  • Ability to Change Mist Patterns/Droplet Size & Amount Of Solution Dispensed With Interchangeable Mist Nozzles, Single & 4-Way Mist Nozzles Included (5-Way & 7-Way Sold Separately)

  • Simple & Efficient

  • MIST SPRAY LIQUIDS – Pesticides (Standard & All-Natural Insecticides, Fungicides & Herbicides), Vegetation Controllers, Fertilizers, Mild Cleaners, Disinfectants, De-icers, Fire Retardants & More – IN JUST MINUTES

  • Most Insecticides (Standard & All-Natural) Rid Of Over 75 Different Pests Such As Mosquitoes, Ticks, Fleas, Spiders, Ants, Termites, Flies & Many More…And They Are Children/Pet Safe When Dry (Follow Product Label Instructions)

  • Save Hundreds Over Purchasing A Pro Mist Blower