Turn a Tank Sprayer & Leaf Blower into a Mist Blower

Professional Coverage at a Fraction of the Cost
Our Patented Universal Nozzle clamps onto the end of ANY LEAF BLOWER tube


Created by a Law Enforcement SWAT Sniper

The Mosquito Sniper System is a DELIVERY SYSTEM THAT CAN MIST SPRAY ANY SOLUTION FROM YOUR GARDEN TANK SPRAYER IN JUST MINUTES, i.e. Pesticides: Insecticides, Herbicides, Fungicides or Disinfectants, Mildew/Mold Removers, Fertilizers, Liquid Deicers, Outdoor Cleaners and more.

  • DIY Pro Mosquito/Insect Applications for as low as $3/application

  • Replicate an expensive backpack mist blower for only $43.99

  • “Target” mosquitoes deep inside plants and under leaves with leaf blower power moving foliage around while spraying

  • Send mist vertically 15-25 feet with tank sprayer pressure


Keep your money in your pocket and SAVE $1,000/year. Instead of paying $60 every 3 weeks for outdoor insect control & $60 every 4 weeks for indoor insect control, DIY it with Mosquito Sniper System.

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How does the Mosquito Sniper System work?

M.S. System’s patented, one-of-a-kind, universal nozzle clamps onto the end of ANY leaf blower tube.  The nozzle is made of stiff & durable yet flexible plastic that conforms to any blower tube shape and is adjustable to 3 levels ensuring liquid will always be dispensed from the center of the blower tube.

  • Leaf blower power turns liquid into a mist as it passes through the M.S. System nozzle

  • Manually adjust amount of liquid being dispensed with an in-line turn valve in M.S. System hosing

  • Spray deep inside plants where traditional sprayers cannot reach

  • Spray into high and low hard to reach areas such as roof eaves or low lying decks

  • M.S. System never clogs or requires cleaning

  • Sleek nozzle design maximizes air flow from leaf blower which avoids potential engine damage from over-speed seizures

  • Save time and money covering large areas quickly while using less insecticide compared to traditional tank sprayers

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