Mission and Vision

MIST-PRO (formerly Mosquito Sniper System) insists on 100% customer satisfaction & we are passionate about that. We love sharing our cost saving, “DIY” invention with you. We appreciate your support, and we work hard to make sure every single customer is happy.

We love to hear from you…if you find any issue along the way with your MIST-PRO, have a question/comment or if you just love our product, we want to know about it! Contact Us with the good, the bad and the in between!

Our Story

Summer weather is short lived in Chicago-land, and our brief, enjoyable weather is often cut short with insect annoyance. In 2019, mosquito control companies quoted us about $120 for one lawn application to be applied every 3 weeks for a total of 8 applications (and a price tag of $960) over the summer months. We looked into buying a Stihl or Solo backpack mist blower, but we couldn’t justify the $700 price tag for such limited use.

If only there was something on the market that used a tank sprayer and a leaf blower to get powerful mist blowing action…we spent a year thinking, innovating, testing, designing and ultimately invented (in 2020) and patented (both design and utility in 2021) the MOSQUITO SNIPER SYSTEM!

MOSQUITO SNIPER SYSTEM allows us to apply one lawn application to our .75 acre lawn for only $1.50 in very little time! We love being bug-free in our outdoor space and couldn’t wait to share the ease and cost savings with others…so with that our business was born.

In 2024, we updated our design and utility patent with some enhanced design changes and added an International PCT.  We also re-branded with a new name, MIST-PRO, to encompass our product’s many uses because truly, whichever liquid solution is inside the tank can be turned into a mist!

Cheers to enjoying the outdoors without a layer of bug spray on your skin and more money in your pocket because you didn’t need to hire a pro mosquito control company to do the job for you!

~Ryan and Kelly Powal, Inventor/Owners

We are a small, family business running most of MIST-PRO’s operations out of our home. Ryan is a Police Sergeant and retired Asst. Team Leader after 10 years of service on the Sniper Team of the Northern Illinois Regional SWAT Team. Kelly is a Registered Nurse specializing in pediatrics but left the medical field to work MIST-PRO (formerly Mosquito Sniper System) full time.  Along with learning new things about entrepreneurship on a daily basis, we have two teenage daughters that love helping with the business, most of the time ;-)