If you don't own a tank sprayer, or if you are in the market for a new one, this bundle is the most affordable and user friendly way to go. This Home Depot (HDX) 2 gallon tank sprayer works great because the trigger clips into the pump handle which makes it easy to carry & operate along with Mosquito Sniper System.  SHORT HOSE TANK SPRAYER CONNECTOR #1 IS THE ONLY CONNECTOR INCLUDED WITH THIS PRODUCT. Mosquito Sniper System's Bundle includes:
  1. Mosquito Sniper System #1 includes:
    • Universal Leaf Blower Attachment x1
    • Single Head Misting Nozzle (Dispenses 10L/H) x1
    • Four Head Misting Nozzle (Dispenses 40L/H) x1
    • Long Hose with Push Connector/Turn Valve and Elbow x1
    • Short Hose Tank Sprayer Connector #1 x1
    • Stainless Steel Turn Key Clamp x1
    • Strap for leaf blower tube - reduces hose slack/prevents tripping x1
    • Sticker x1
  2. Home Depot 1502HDX 2 Gallon Tank Sprayer
This product DOES NOT come with a leaf blower.