Setting Up Your System

  • Increase droplet size & amount of liquid dispensed to reduce drift by removing the “inner mat” under the caps on mist nozzles
  • If mist is exceeding the blower tube and not being directed by the blower power, then use the push connector turn valve and slow the flow down which will fix the problem.


Skip to 3:05 in video above for recommended spray technique! We recommend standing a little further back than this video shows, especially if you have delicate plants, because M.S. Systems use your leaf blower which has a stronger volume of air flow than a professional backpack mist blower. Blower force is critical to move foliage around so that insecticide can reach deep inside plants and underside of leaves where mosquitoes hide during the hottest part of the day.

  • Rain may wash away insecticide…try to spray at least 48 hours before rain is forecasted

  • Apply insecticide during hottest part of the day when mosquitoes are hiding and resting deep inside plants and under leaves

  • Refresh insecticide application about every 3 weeks or when mosquitoes/unwanted bugs are noticeable

  • Suggested insecticides do not damage plants. To avoid harm to bees, avoid application of insecticide to flowering portion of plants

  • Concentrate insecticide application towards shady, moist areas that mosquitoes prefer

  • Focus application mist INSIDE, AROUND & UNDER the following: dense ground cover, plants, thick shrubbery, small/bushy trees and underside of decks/porches

  • A good rule of thumb is to apply insecticide from ground foliage up to about 6-8 feet

  • Wear PPE i.e. mask, glasses, long sleeves, pants (or per insecticide instructions)

  • Suggested insecticides are children/pet friendly – Follow insecticide instructions & keep children/pets inside during outdoor application and for one hour after


Fix a Hose Leak

If your hose is leaking, watch for a simple fix

Fix pump pressure in your Home Depot/Hudson handheld tank.

If you need to restore pressure to your HDX/Hudson handheld model tank, watch for a simple fix.

Helpful tip for these tanks: Clip trigger handle into the pump handle while spraying so you only have to hold onto one handle while working the trigger valve. Leave the pump handle in the extended position while spraying so that you can easily set the tank on the ground to quickly pump without interruption to mist application.


Mosquito Sniper Systems connect to tank sprayers at their trigger handle.  Trigger handles are all different shapes and sizes.  Mosquito Sniper Systems are designed to match those various thread patterns, and we number them 1-7 to keep track.  You can find your tank sprayer’s matching Mosquito Sniper System number here Find Your M.S. System Match

GEN 1 vs GEN 2: Gen 1 was our original design of the leaf blower nozzle.  GEN 2 is our newest design of the leaf blower nozzle.  GEN 2 has the ability to use interchangeable mist nozzle tips on the front of the leaf blower nozzle.  These interchangeable mist tips produce super, fine mist and vary spray pattern. See photo here.

Yes, M.S. Systems are universal to ALL leaf blowers!

The M.S. System nozzle that fits on the end of the blower tube is adjustable to 3 DIFFERENT HEIGHTS which ensures liquid will always be dispensed from the center of the blower tube opening. The patented nozzle is made of a stiff, durable, yet flexible plastic that conforms to any blower tube shape.

M.S. Systems connect to tank sprayers at their trigger handle. Since trigger handles on tank sprayers vary greatly by size & shape depending on their brand and model number, the different M.S. System numbers are designed to fit those variations. M.S. Systems fit 100s of brand name tank sprayers, see our most up to date list of compatible tank sprayers.

Yes! You can use M.S. System with 100s of brand name tank sprayers of all makes and models.  See our most up to date list of compatible tank sprayers.

HANDHELD TANK SPRAYERS are great for yard sizes less than .75 acres and can be used with handheld or backpack leaf blowers.

BACKPACK TANK SPRAYERS are great for yard sizes greater than .75 acres and are most easily used with handheld leaf blowers rather than backpack leaf blowers since you already have a backpack tank sprayer on your back.

A diffuser cap will restrict air flow. Leaf blowers have very high CFM’s and need to flow freely.  Restricted air flow at the end of the leaf blower tube could result in “over-speed seizures” to the leaf blower engine. Our nozzle design has minimal blower tube obstruction keeping your leaf blower’s engine healthy.

Also, the diffuser cap must be tight against the blower tube in order to work effectively.  If any air flow escapes around the diffuser cap, the spray pattern becomes ineffective. In order to ensure an effectively tight diffuser cap on a blower tube, the user would have to modify their blower tube by drilling a hole about 4″ from the diffuser cap.  We don’t want M.S. System buyers to have to make any alterations to their blower tubes because we ensure an EASY & USER-FRIENDLY mist blowing application!

More important than droplet size, the key factors of effective insecticide spraying are spray pattern, getting insecticide on the underside of leaves where mosquitoes live and avoiding spray drift. Using the forceful blowing power from a leaf blower along with effective spray technique/pattern will easily accomplish this.

For further explanation, see the recommended spray technique video made by Syngenta in the Application section above.  At the end of Syngenta’s video, they demo a Stihl professional backpack mist blower and water-sensitive, color-changing paper…when the mist blower is properly used, you can clearly see that there are so many droplets dispersed on the paper that the paper is changed to a solid color, proving that droplet size is irrelevant when proper spray technique is used.

Also, many insecticide product labels such as Proflex (a best seller and our #1 overall recommended product for bug control) recommend a larger droplet size versus a fine mist to reduce chance of spray drift, see Proflex Specimen Label.

Leaf blowers have different CFM power so droplet sizes will vary.  Mosquito Sniper System will get you a very fine mist that is very comparable to the pro machines.  Pro backpack mist blowers are under a controlled or regulated CFM and therefore their droplet size is able to be measured.

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These products can damage the system, ignite, or explode, causing serious injury.

Do not exceed 45 PSI with the tank sprayer.
Do not inhale chemical fumes or sprayed mist. Avoid contact with skin or eyes. Wear appropriate protective clothing and devices including mask, goggles, and gloves when working around concentrate or diluted chemical mixture. Chemical causes eye irritation and is harmful if swallowed, inhaled, or absorbed through the skin.
Always inspect your system thoroughly before and after each use. Check to be sure hose is securly attached and in good condition before mixing the chemical in the tank. Test with water before using desired solution.
Do not spray on or near electrical installations.
Keep the work area clear of people and animals.
Never use the system during windy conditions.
Do not eat, drink, or smoke while using the system.
Wash face and hands with soap and water after filling or using the system.
Thoroughly clean and rinse tank and spraying assembly after each use.
Do not store system with solution in tank.
Do not transfer spray materials to other containers.
Keep spray materials locked up and out reach of children and animals.
Use only original manufacturer’s replacement parts.
Mix chemical and fill tank on open ground away from blower.
Only mix enough solution for your current application requirements.